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At Dotcom Unlimited, we NEVER place a limit on how much bandwidth you can use!

We make surfing the Internet easy. With Dotcom Unlimited, you get the speed you need to stream movies, Skype, and play your favorite games. Best of all, your bill will never go up from overuse fees!



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Dotcom Unlimited offers affordable residential Cable, DSL, and Dialup packages so you can select the speed and price that will work best for you.  Call today to see which plans are available in your area!

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About Dotcom Unlimited

Dotcom Unlimited is the oldest locally owned High Speed Internet Service Provider in the East Texas area. Dotcom is a complete internet service provider company with Experience, Reliability, and Speed, offering the best value in the industry. Our unique, one stop philosophy provides the convenience demanded by today’s competitive internet market environment. We provide our clients with the experience of evolution connectivity from Broadband Cable, DSL, Fiber, Special Circuits and Traditional Dialup, with complete unlimited services.

Dotcom Unlimited is committed to providing our clients with more than just products — we provide solutions to fit your internet needs. We have built our business on the type of knowledge that generates real promotional value for our clients. It is our goal to provide quality service at the highest standards.